Belang, Agustina Angeliana and Hidayati, Agustina Nurul and Santosa, Endratno Budi (2011) ARAHAN PENGEMBANGAN WISATA RELIGI KEGIATAN PROSESI JUMAD AGUNG KOTA LARANTUKA. Jurnal Tata Kota dan Daerah, 3 (1).

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Larantuka City at East Flores Regency has religious activity unique that will be developed, that is Prosesi Jumad Agung. Prosesi Jumad Agung is annual ritual of catholic adherents that included at the pre Easter period, that is the commemoration of the misery and the pass away of Jesus Christ that celebrated in the sorrow condition before welcome the Jesus Christ resurrection. All catholic adherents at all the world commemorate the pre Easter time and also Larantuka city. The interesting things is the pre Easter celebration at Larantuka city has unique that not owned by other places. The shape and room that is used in the activities that differentiate. The annual activities has attracted visitors domestic or foreign. But unfortunately, the visitors only follow the procession. So it needs development direction in keeping them stay longer. In formulating the development direction, it is done analysis based on method that suitable with the goal and still consider the principle and mean that contain in it. The used method is exploratory descriptive and behavior mapping. The exploratory descriptive method explains about activities potentials in the Prosesi Jumad Agung, the supporting tourism attraction of the procession, and the supporting infrastructures for the tourism. The behavior mapping explains about the visitors activities mapping. From the analysis, it is obtained development plan that is suitable with the visitor and societal wants so form development direction by giving tourism attraction addition such as art and cultural exhibition, shopping tourism, and infrastructure development such as inn by using inhabitant houses and supporting infrastructure in the tourism attraction

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Additional Information: Direction, Development, Tourism, Prosesi Jumad Agung
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