Prasetyo, Trica Vidi and Hidayat, Wahyu and Santoso, Endratno Budi (2010) SKENARIO PENGEMBANGAN TERMINAL DAN PASAR GONDANGLEGI (TINJAUAN ASPEK OBYEKTIF DAN SUBYEKTIF PELAKU KEGIATAN). Jurnal Tata Kota dan Daerah, 2 (1).

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Town of Gondanglegi the seat of subdistrict government, has a type C passanger terminal (primari for rural passangers) and a traditional market. The proximity of the market and a the passanger terminal provides reciprocal benefits to both facilities. But the growing activities at both facilities have exceeded their c apacities. This condition has forced the local government to plan the relocation of the terminal. The location for the relocation is one of three locations in the subdistrict. Earlier the local government had selected a location at a side of the road to Turen. The drivers were happy with this decision. But later the local government changed its decision, and chose one at a side of the road to Bantur. The drivers protest this new location. This has prompted the researcher to make this study. The study involv es two steps. The first is to determine wich of the tree locations is the best with respect to the positive an negative aspects. Since the local government has decided that the market will not be relocated while the researcher agrees with the decision, the second step is to determine the scenario to give the market a parking space for public transportation carrying shopping passangers, or not to give, which means the terminal and the market will be separated. To find the solution two sets of descriptive qualitative and descriptive quantitative analyses are made for each of the first and second step. The two steps are based on the criteria for the ideal location. This the ideal location criteria are subjective aspects since they are taken from the point o view of the users. The are 3 targets. The first and the next (second) target are included in the above first step. To first target is to satisfy the objectives of the research. To do this the ideal terminal and the ideal market according to the users are made the criteria and frame of reference. This the criteria for ideal terminal and ideal market are subjective as mentioned above, because they are taken from the point of view the user. The next target is to determine which one of the three terminal locations is to be selected. The final target is to determine whether the market and the terminal are to be placed in the sam location, or to be located separately. The products of the above analysis are the selection of the location at a side of the road to Bantur as the new location of the terminal with an option for separate location of the market. But the conclusion should be improved in certain aspects. The recomendation is presented as a proposal for the development of Gondanglegi Terminal and Market.

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