Analysis Multi-Agent with Precense of The Leader

Achmadi, Sentot and Marjono, Marjono and Miswanto, Miswanto (2017) Analysis Multi-Agent with Precense of The Leader. International Conference and Workshop on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications.

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The phenomenon of swarm is a natural phenomenon that is often done by a collection of living things in the form of motion from one place to another. By clustering, a group of animals can increase their effectiveness in food search and avoid predators. A group of geese also performs a swarm phenomenon when flying and forms an inverted V-formation with one of the geese acting as a leader. Each flying track of members of the geese group always follows the leader's path at a certain distance. This article discusses the mathematical modeling of the swarm phenomenon, which is the optimal tracking control for multiagent model with the influence of the leader in the 2-dimensional space. The leader in this model is intended to track the specified path. Firstly, the leader's motion control is to follow the predetermined path using the Tracking Error Dynamic method. Then, the path from the leader is used to design the motion control of each agent to track the leader's path at a certain distance. The result of numerical simulation shows that the leader trajectory can track the specified path. Similarly, the motion of each agent can trace and follow the leader's path.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Multi Agent, tracking, tracking error dynamic, numerical simulation
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